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Dark Horse featuring Dean Winchester - Part 4/4

Author: GlamBoy
Pairing: Dean/Sam   Characters: Bobby Singer, Jimmy Novak, Garth Fitzgerald, Victor Henriksen, Andy Gallagher
Rating: PG to R
Warning: AU, angst, violence, hurt, comfort, murder mystery, Detective Dean
Disclaimer: I don’t own Dean, Sam or anyone else and I receive no payment for this.
Summary: Dean Winchester was a world weary homicide detective who had seen too much and lost too much in life. His 40th birthday was the catalyst to evaluate his life and discover what he really wanted from it or if he simply wanted to leave it. A brutal murder brought Dean face to face with a figure that had haunted his dreams for months. He had to solve the mystery of the Dark Horse.


“I’m falling down a steep slope with this one. I just can’t seen to get a hand hold.”

Dean and Bobby both arrived a few minutes before 7:00 and ended up parking beside each other. They got a booth in the back where Dean could watch the door. It was a quirk of his that he couldn’t sit down to a meal if he couldn’t watch the door.

“Where were you with the Harris investigation before it all went to hell in a hand basket?” Bobby asked after they got settled and placed their order.

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